Third Wall Version Ticket Issued


This page describes the Third Wall Versioning ticket you received and how to repair the issue.

When running the Third Wall Plugin for ConnectWise Automate, you may receive the following notification through the ticketing system:



This indicates an update for Third Wall was applied to the server, but that update did not fully reach the remote computer.  This means that remote computer is running an older version of Third Wall.

If you have just performed an upgrade of your Third Wall plugin and you have a lot of tickets for this, it is probable the monitor timing hit an inopportune time and alerted on the target computers before they had a chance to update their own, local version.  In this case, simply run an ‘Update Config’ to those computers and the tickets should close themselves.

The first step to resolve this issue is to send an ‘Update Plugins’ command to the target computer.  From the Automate Computer screen, press ‘Begin’, then click Commands -> LabTech -> Update Plugins.  This will cause the remote machine to initiate another update of ThirdWall.dll.

Next, you’ll need to restart the LabTech services.  Open the Automate Computer ‘Services’ panel, select both the ‘LTService’ and the ‘LTSvcMon’ services.  Right-click and select to Restart Services.  Press ‘Yes’ on the next screen to confirm.  Once those services are restarted, the newest version of ThirdWall will also be running on the computer.

There are two simple ways to manually inspect the target computer to verify the ThirdWall plugin is updated.  First, issue an ‘Update Conifg’ to the target computer.  Then, on the remote computer, open the file: C:\Windows\Temp\ThirdWall.txt.  Scroll to the last line and note the first eight (8) characters of that line.  These show the currently running Third Wall version.  Compare that version number with the one displayed in the Plugin Manager, they should be the same.

Another simple way to check the current version is to use the existing monitor.  As with the previous method, we start by issuing an ‘Update Conifg’ command to the target.  Then, on the Automate computer screen, open the TW – Version Test monitor and press the ‘Test’ button.  A success or fail message will quickly follow.

Still not updating?

There exists a slim but possible chance these steps do not resolve the issue.  This is due to ThirdWall.dll being locked by a policy.  If you ran the steps above but still find you’re running an older version, these steps will force an update.

Open the Automate computer screen, then open the Third Wall panel.  Check the enabled policies.  If ‘Enable Logon Reporting’ or ‘Monitor for Ransomware Attacks’ are enabled (green), click to apply an exception to these policies.  Wait for the commands to run on the remote computer, then reboot the machine.

Once the computer is again reporting in to your ConnectWise Automate server, re-issue the first command: Update Plugins.

Once you see the target computer has completed the Update Plugins command, you may re-enable the policies you excepted in the last step.

If you have any questions or this process does not resolve the issue, please contact for assistance.