IT'S HERE - Third Wall Version 2!

With an entirely new interface, 27 new policies (a total of 56 now), improved Annihilate functionality, new Reports and Dataviews, and a powerful Profile feature to help you apply protection across Locations, Third Wall V2 brings greatly improved functionality and usabilty to your Automate console. Applying, changing and monitoring critical protection is far easier than in Group Policy, and you get reports that you absolutely need for compliance.  Take a look below at what's new.

Security Overview

Now has 56 total policies to deploy cybersecurity changes and continuous monitoring across an entire Location, and entire Client, or even ALL of your Windows computers under management.

The new Security Overview page shows you at a glance what policies are active, which are not, which have exceptions made to them, and more.  


This tool is nothing short of indispensable, especially if you need an Audit Trail for HIPAA, PCI or other compliance requirements.

STOP Unwanted Software
AUTO DEFEAT malware attacks
MAKE Passwords work
 data theft

Must-Have AUDIT REPORTS - at no extra charge