Introducing USB Wall

Available on Third Wall Gold

Protect your clients from data theft by employees and contractors

USB Wall gives you a tool to register USB data sticks for a Client.  

Then, on Locations where you enable USB Wall, ONLY those registered data sticks will work - no other USB data storage device will even be seen by those computers. (note: currently, only data sticks can be registered.)

You can generate a Dataview of all files written to registered USB sticks, including Username, computer ID, stick ID, date/time and filename.  

Your clients will have much greater protection of sensitive data. 

Since over 50% of all employees and contractors with computer access steal company data, the need for a tool like USB Wall has never been greater.  Loss of critical data can be disastrous for any company: client lists, financials, technical information must be protected today.  And no firewall or antivirus will stop this type of data theft.

USB Wall is now available at no extra charge for all clients running USB Gold.  

USB Wall Instructions