Tighten Security Monitoring With One Click 


How many times have you wished you had better information to prevent or track down security breaches?  Default logs aren’t enough, and there are never enough proactive monitors to alert you ahead of time about gaps and issues.  Third Wall™ improves your visibility of your environment with a click of button, so you can know what is happening.

Cyberattacks also spread wickedly fast. When hackers release a wave of malware-laced spam emails, it only takes 82 seconds for someone to get duped and become the first victim

 How critical is it for your data to be encrypted?  Third wall™ will make sure it is, always, on every computer.

Do you have enough monitoring information to audit a breach?  Most base configurations do not, but you can now with Third Wall™ – it will turn on extra monitoring that normally is not enabled.

Cyberthieves are increasingly blackmailing victims and ransomware attacks surged 113% last year. Hackers steal files or photos from a victim's computer and demand a ransom -- typically between $300 and $500 -- in exchange for a key to decrypt their files.

 Can you track when people try to hide their actions?  With Third Wall™, now you can.  Hackers and even employees try to cover their tracks with certain actions, and you can now be notified of several key and common things they do.

In 2014, on average, 23% of user machines were attacked in the 10 safest countries at least once

Just who was on that computer, and when?  Having this information always captured gives you the information you need to get to the bottom of breaches, and Third™ Wall will make sure you have it.  

The third most popular option for hackers is a glitch in the way an IT manager remotely manages corporate PCs -- one that's existed since 1999