Third Wall Free


Not ready for our subscription features yet?  Try Third Wall Free with these great lockdown policies.  They are all monitored every 5 minutes to make sure your computers are locked down.

Upgrade whenever you are ready!

  • Rename Local Administrator Account

    • Malware tries to take control of this

  • Disable Guest Account

    • And keep it off

  • Set Minimum Local Password Length

    • Impose necessary discipline

  • Disable Windows Keylogger

    • Stop Microsoft from spying

  • Enable Smartscreen

    • Protect Microsoft browsers

  • Enforce User Account Control Settings

    • A speed bump that makes end users think twice

  • Enable Logon Message

    • Required for Compliance - and you can brand your company

  • Disable Terminal Server Services

    • Malware can get in if you don't

  • Disable Write to Optical Media

    • Help stop employee / contractor data theft

  • Prevent Social Media Access

    • For cybersecurity and productivity

  • Disable Google Play 

    • No need to let people go there​