Shut Down Malware Vulnerabilities


Dangerous end users with too much privilege.  Unused, often obsolete, protocols.  Unauthorized software.  With Third Wall™, you can lock down, enforce policies and passwords, eliminate many gaping vulnerabilities.

The US Director of National Intelligence has ranked cybercrime as the top national security threat, higher than that of terrorism, espionage, and weapons of mass destruction 
“The United States faces real [cybersecurity] threats from criminals, terrorists, spies, and malicious cyber actors,” said FBI Director James B. Comey at a recent security conference. “The playground is a very dangerous place right now.”

Do you really want your end users to have full access to Local Admin privileges? Of course not, but sometimes you have to. Third Wall makes it easy to prevent end users from accessing registry and many other off-limits areas, while still retaining other Local Admin privileges. This is the IT version of “Child-proof Safety Caps.”

The average number of security incidents detected in 2013 was 135 per organization

Phishing on personal email.  Clicking a "cute kitty video" on Social Media.  End users find lots of creative ways to introduce threats.  Use Third Wall™ to stop that behavior once and for all, and you know your environment will be safer and cleaner.

Unauthorized Software - what a major risk and headache.  With Third Wall, you can not only prevent installation of software, you can auto-uninstall blacklisted software as well.  That alone is worth the price of admission!

This year, three in four (77%) respondents to the US State of Cybercrime Survey detected a security event in the past 12 months

End users hate passwords, but they must use them.  Enforce standards, and even force idle computers to a password-locked screensaver, all from your Third Wall™ console.  These are HIPAA and PCI must-haves.