Third Wall

For a very limited time, we are offering special pricing for our early adopters. If you purchase a license during this period, you will get Third Wall V2 at V1 pricing for your full first year!

That's just 10 cents per protected endpoint per month!  If you don't act soon, then the price will increase to 15 cents per protected endpoint per month.

So what do you get with V2?

  • New Audit Report

  • New Logon Report

  • New Logon Dataview

  • Ransomware Monitor

  • Uninstall Blacklisted Software

  • Block Social Media Access

  • Block Webmail Access

  • Block Web Storage Access


and much more!

All for the same price as V1.  But hurry, this won't last long.  Sign up for a trial today - and then go ahead and purchase your subscription as soon as possible.  We will still give you your full trial period for free, so you can lock in low pricing while you are still in the free trial.

Cybersecurity is too important to you and to your clients, and Third Wall is the best value you will find in making your environment more secure. Especially at our special introductory pricing.

USB Wall

USB Wall is our powerful new feature, implemented within Third Wall as a policy, to restrict USB data transfer on impacted computers to registered sticks only.  You register data sticks for a given Client, then turn on USB Wall at any or all Locations within that Client, and then it fully restricts data transfer in those Locations.  USB Wall is available only on V2.2 and above.

You also get a full Dataview showing you any and all files written to a registered data stick - crucial information to help your clients protect their confidential data.

This is a premium feature of Third Wall, and you must be a Third Wall subscriber already to be able to use USB Wall.  Then, for any computer within a Location where you have activated the USB Wall policy, you'll be charged just 5 cents per month.  This is an incredible value, and you will have many clients want this service.  Already, most large companies can do this (at a much higher cost per computer), and we give you the ability to implement this data security feature for just a few pennies.

You must be a designated Third Wall Admin to authorize USB Wall, since it costs a little extra.  When the policy is selected for activation, a popup will appear notifying the Automate user of the extra fee.  If that user is a Third Wall Admin, they will be able to authorize the additional monthly fee on the spot.