The Powerful New CyberSecurity Plug-in

For Your LabTech™ RMM




There is a ton of software out there that is “nice to have.” ThirdWall is not one of those. As a critical plug-in for your Automate Software, it adds an element of protection that absolutely must be there. Without it, you and your clients are far too exposed to the enormous array of cyber threats fighting to get into your systems every day. You know that they are out there, you cannot ignore them. Third Wall has a broad array of features to block those threats, dramatically reducing your exposure and vulnerability.




The First Wall is your firewall.  We often take this for granted anymore, but you know how critical this wall is.  Make sure it is working – and monitored by LabTech, of course.

What is the ThirdWall™?




The Second Wall is  your antivirus / antimalware.  Hackers and sophisticated agents are working round the clock to infect your computers.  A top-shelf antivirus / antimalware suite is a fundamental requirement of CyberSecurity.  Use LabTech to make sure yours are always installed, running and current.

Lockdown Operational CyberSecurity is the ThirdWall!

We know you have two powerful and necessary “walls” against cyberthreats: your firewall and your antivirus / antimalware.  But that is not enough.  Without the Third Wall enforcing Operational CyberSecurity, you still are extremely vulnerable.  There are gaps in your security, and the statistics today tell that story plainly.  You must enforce policy; you must slam shut unused, vulnerable protocols; you must rapidly react to security breaches.  For this, we have created Third Wall – to give you the next set of tools to manage your environment to a much more CyberSecure space.  Without it, threats can – and will – walk right in as if there were a missing wall in your fortress. Add the ThirdWall plugin to your Automate Software today!