The Powerful New CyberSecurity Plug-in For Your

ConnectWise Automate® Software


Four Products to Choose From

Third Wall GOLD

Our Premier level. 

58 lockdown policies to automate your protection.

Monitors every 5 minutes to ensure compliance .

Make easy exceptions for any computer for any policy.

Four EMERGENCY action buttons that you will wonder how you did without.

Our three killer ransomware protection policies.

User Logon Report & Dataview your clients will love.

Compliance information for HIPAA, NIST, PCI and others.

Explore our Features here.

Third Wall User Logon Reporting

User Logon Report and Dataview.

Filters out all the junk logon information you don't need.

Capture USER logon, logoff, unlock, lock and logon failure events.

For Cybersecurity AND for employee performance monitoring (think about that...).

INCREDIBLE revenue generator.

Includes 11 more of our lockdown policies.


Third Wall Ransomware Protection

Three focused policies that dramatically reduce the risk of ransomware, and mitigate attacks as they happen.

Stop ransomware at time of infection, at attempted launch, and as it attacks.

Includes 11 more of our lockdown policies.


Third Wall User Logon Reporting & Ransomware Protection

Get all the features of our User Logon Reporting plus our Ransomware Protection!

Includes 11 more of our lockdown policies.


We offer annual or monthly pricing.  For annual, you prepay for all of your Automate-managed computers upfront - and get a hefty discount!  For monthly, we start with the base price of your selected product.  The we apply discounts for volume (tiers) and for quick deployment after purchase (a little carrot!).  Subject to monthly minimums, we only charge you for the actual computers you are protecting in a given month (yep, we do count them).  Go to our PRICING page for more details.

No Longer Available

(basically, everyone loves Gold - since it includes everything - and that's all we ever sold anyway!)