Click HERE for a "how to use" video on V2

How-To:  Install Third Wall V2



Installing Third Wall v2

  • Simply download the Installer executable from the link in the email you received when you registered, or

  • Navigate to Installer.exe and download the Third Wall v2 Installer.  If you use this route, before installing Third Wall v2 right click the installer file, go to Properties and make sure the file is not protected.

  • Double-click the ThirdWall Installer.  This will cause an Installer screen to appear, prompting you for credentials to your Automate server.







  • Fill out these fields just as you would the Automate Control Center logon screen.  Provide your Automate User Name, password and destination server address.

    • It is required to use the HTTP connector when installing Third Wall v2.  Your server address must be prefaced with either ‘https://’ or ‘http://’ as appropriate for your server.

    • It is required you use an account with SuperAdmin rights when installing Third Wall v2.

  • A successful logon will result in a new window which gives you the option to install or upgrade (as appropriate.)  Press the Install or Update button that appears.

  • Shortly after pressing the install button, you will be notified of a successful installation.  Press ‘OK’ to continue.


  • If you are new to Third Wall or would like a refresher of its capabilities, use the provided link on the final installer screen.

  • Open the Automate Control Center.

  • In the Navigation Tree, find and open any Location (Excepting the ‘New Computers’ location).

  • On the Location screen, click the Third Wall tab.  This will cause a license dialogue to appear.


  • If you have already registered, use the Serial Key that was emailed to you here.  If you’ve not yet registered, click the link on the bottom to register and receive your Serial Key.

  • Enter the Serial Key and press ‘Update License’.

  • If you entered a valid Serial Key, the License window will disappear and you will view the Third Wall Location Screen.



You're ready to go - protect your computers today!  And now - please go view our video to learn how to use your great new plugin.