The Powerful New CyberSecurity Plug-in For Your  ConnectWise Automate® Software


Explore the Power of Third Wall

Lock Down Glaring Vulnerabilities


Dangerous end users with too much privilege.  Unused, often obsolete, protocols.  Unauthorized software.  With Third Wall™, you can lock down, enforce policies and passwords, eliminate many gaping vulnerabilities.

Enforce Password Discipline

Stop Data Theft - from Outside or Inside


Over 50% of employees and contractors walk out with unauthorized data.  Too often it is Personally Identifiable Data, Customer Information, Financials or other critical intellectual property.  With Third Wall™, you can shut down the most common pathways that data thieves use - saving major headaches!

No "Drag and Drop" Theft

Audit-Ready Reports - Prove that You Are Protecting


You need reports, for your clients' benefit and to help with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, ISO and other audits.  Third Wall gives them to you - including a Protection Report, a Logon / Logoff Report, and even Dataviews.

Detailed Logon / Logoff Report - by End User



When something bad happens, you need to react NOW!  Third Wall gives you fast-acting tools to prevent damage and spread of malware, and to protect your critical data.  Third Wall can even execute emergency actions automatically for critical situations.  

Automatically detect and react!