Emergency Action Buttons

Available with Third Wall Gold

You'll be SO glad you have these.  And you'll wish you had them before...

Use Case #1

What do you do when one of your managed end users calls and tells you "OMG, I have a virus, what should I do now?"  Probably this:

  • Tell them to "turn off your computer," or perhaps "unplug the blue cable from the back of your computer...

  • And then you send a technician on-site to fix it.

Right?  Wow, that was expensive.

But with Third Wall, here's what you'll do:

  • Go to their Third Wall Computer screen in Automate

  • Click the ISOLATE button, which disconnects that one computer from everything - no network, no internet - except from your Automate Server and your ScreenConnect server.

  • Fix it remotely (don't send anyone on-site)

  • Reverse the ISOLATE command to reconnect the computer

  • Enjoy life

Did your day just get a bit easier?

Use Case #2

One of your end users reports a lost or stolen computer.  Or perhaps a spiteful employee has just been fired.  And the computer has sensitive data on it.  WIsh you could wipe that computer?  Here are the options you can do with Third Wall:

  • Lock the screen.  No creds, no access.  Quick and simple.

  • Lockout users.  Log everyone off.  Then disable all Local accounts, leaving only the Domain creds as viable.  (this is reversible by you)

  • Annihilate the computer.  Use this ONLY for truly compromised computers.  And you have three choices here:

    • Quick Annihilate - delete data. Then destroy the computer.  Fast.

    • Secure Annihilate - delete data.  Then write ​over all those deleted files 3 times, then destroy the computer.  Thorough.

    • Encrypted Annihilate - encrypt the data.  Then write over all the previously deleted data.  Do NOT destroy the computer.  If you get it back, you can easily decrypt the data, and it's ready to use.


Think this might come in handy someday?​​