You must do this better...

(Hint - Group Policy is just not enough...)

How do you protect against cyber threats?

Strong Firewall 

Good Antivirus

Automated Lockdown Security X

Do you comply?

User Logs






Vulnerable Entry Points

Brute Force Attacks

"Oblivious" Employees

Rogue Employees

Unwanted Software


Data Thieves

Social Media



Time to take the next step in Automated Lockdown protection:  Third Wall.

You have a powerful firewall and excellent antivirus. But malware, hackers and data thieves still get in, somehow. Third Wall™ shuts down those entry points.  And gives you audit-critical reports and monitored protection policies.  At just a few cents per month per endpoint, the cost is extremely affordable.  Great protection, minuscule cost.  There is simply no reason not to BUY NOW or start a FREE TRIAL.
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What does Third Wall do?
  • Applies 58 automated policies and monitoring to make your system more secure.  WAY better than written policies or even Group Policy.
  • Allows exceptions easily to any computer for any policy.
  • Provides highly effective ISOLATE and ANNIHILATE buttons for infected, lost or stolen computers.
  • Creates a full Audit Report to prove compliance for HIPAA, PCI, others.
  • Creates a full record of every user logon, logoff, unlock, lock and failed logon event.



The Powerful New CyberSecurity Plug-in For Your

ConnectWise Automate® Software


Use Third Wall to protect from Ransomware Attacks - and you know they are coming for you - DETAILS HERE

"This was  no brainer decision as the product is world class. Well done with all development work"  

David Chambers, Director and Cybersecurity Consultant, Tech Guard

"Works great, instantly isolated an infected computer before anything spread. Isolation mode locks down all traffic but from your rmm/screen connect so you can work to remediate it."                 

Third Wall client on Reddit

"Thirdwall has been great so far – just yesterday it helped us stop a ransomware attack for a brand new client."  

Jason Laurito, Whalley Computer Associates

"The policies we use now are critical features for our clients and would be very complicated to enforce and manage without Third-Wall."                 

Third Wall client on Reddit



Data Theft.  Unmanaged passwords.  Phishing. Unqualified access to Local Admin.  Unauthorized software.  How many ways can inadequate Operational CyberSecurity cause you major problems?  Far more than you think.  Use Third Wall™ to close those gaps, dramatically reducing your exposure.



Your clients rely on your expertise.  Are you meeting their expectations for CyberSecurity?  Are firewalls and antivirus enough?  Emphatically, no, they are not.  And your clients cannot afford the disaster awaiting if you don’t add Operational CyberSecurity to your service.  Small and medium businesses aren’t immune to cyber threats, and you must give the best protection you can.  Third Wall™ helps you do just that.



When you are going for a win, shouldn’t you have the best CyberSecurity service to offer?  Stand out from the crowd, and show prospects you mean business.  You can even offer Operational CyberSecurity as a premium tier of service, and generate new revenue while improving your clients’ security.  And at the same time, reduce your exposure and workload because there will be far fewer incidents for you to fix.

What Security Experts Are saying

Third Wall enables organizations to deepen their defenses by hardening endpoint devices.  It enforces a ‘defense in depth’ approach to security by locking down computers so that employees only have the necessary privileges to do their jobs without opening your organization to dangerous cyber-attacks. With 60 percent of cyber-attacks targeting small and medium-sized organizations, businesses need much more than anti-virus and a firewall, they need a product like Third Wall to secure their devices and endpoints.

- Kenneth J. Knapp, Ph.D., CISSP, CEH

       CEO and Founder, Cyber Secure Advising, LLC